3702 East Chapman Ave. Suite E, Orange CA 92869

Juniors Martial Arts (ages 10-15) in Orange County

Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 5:00-5:45 pm. Uniforms worn are called “kimonos or gis” and consists of a jacket, pants and a belt. For kids starting at this age, our belt system goes as follows: white, grey, yellow, orange and green. We use 1 piece of red tape at the end of the belt, in between belt promotions, to show the student is half way to the next belt level. This is done for encouragement and visual progression. If a child is not progressing or needs more time invested, a white piece of tape is given signifying half way to the red stripe. In most cases 12 to 18 months of training is needed in between belt promotion.

The main focus in this class is to teach kids to show respect, work hard with fellow students while learning a practical self-defense. Basic take-downs and all aspects related to ground-fighting will be covered such as sweeps, submissions, position control and defense. This class is more serious, and geared toward strengthening the body and mind with live grappling that will build confidence and toughness. Compassion for our team mates is strongly reinforced and our “Junior Creed” is recited before each class:

  • I promise to keep my room clean.
  • I promise to obey my parents and teachers.
  • I promise to always be polite and respectful.
  • I promise to tell the truth and honor my word.
  • I promise not to fight with my brothers and sisters.
  • I promise to always do my best and never give up.

Every class ends with live sparring or “rolling” as it’s called. The student should be sweaty and tired at the end of class, and credit is given to the effort put forth that day. Attendance points are calculated (1 per class) and can be redeemed for toys and goodies after class. We offer a free class and sticker(while supplies last), no reservations necessary. Uniforms can be borrowed for trial classes without charge.