The Blackwell brothers kicked off the tournament for us, competing on Day 1 in the Adult Blue Belt division. Jacob went 2-1, including a Darce choke within the first 30 seconds of his first match. Adam had a very similar day, going 2-1 as well. Getting a rear-naked choke off a perfectly executed double leg. Adam went on to lose a very tough match in the third round against the Blue Belt double gold champ. On Day 3, Kabir “6-pack” Kamboj took the mats in the Adult Purple Belt division. After going down early on points, Kabir dominated the second half of the match but coming up just shy of the comeback. Later that day, Professor Troy Acker took his turn. He had himself 3 matches in the Master 4 Black Belt division, winning the finals via referee’s decision. This is coach Troy’s 3rd Masters World NoGi gold medal as a black belt. On the 4th and final day, Jose Ramirez competed in the Master 2 Blue Belt division. He went 1-1, and finished the tournament off with a bronze medal in his first World NoGi tournament.

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