On Saturday, 4/10, we had 3 athletes compete in a submission only tournament. No points are rewarded, and each match is 6 minutes long. If time completes without a finish, it goes to overtime with EBI rules. Marisa Ramirez kicked things off for us first with 2 matches, finishing both by submission. First match decided pull to closed guard and quickly walked her legs up for an arm-bar, and second match she countered deep half guard by securing a triangle. Her husband, Jose Ramirez, had 2 matches as well going 1-1 with a submission of his own. After sweeping and passing the guard, Jose found his grips and won via baseball choke. Lastly, Jason Rittgers, went 2-1 winning both his matches with submissions. A cross choke with the lapel in the 1st and arm triangle in the 2nd. He was also forced to sign up for a heavier bracket, being outweighed by nearly 50 pounds. The team had 7 matches with 5 wins by submission.

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