As a group, our 3 little bulldogs went 9-4. Finn Branch went 3-1, winning a bronze medal. He also had a cool shoulder-lock from the mount position. Joseph Ramirez had a total of 5 matches, only losing 2 matches to the same kid! Jake Allan topped the morning off with another bronze medal for the team, after winning 3 of his 4 matches. 


In his very first tournament, Steve Jones went home with a gold medal! He had one of the best matches of the tournament, pulling off the referee’s decision victory in the finals. Chris Udink had 4 matches, winning 2 of his matches by submission. Joseph’s parents competed as well, both winning medals. His dad, Jose Ramirez, barely lost the first match by 2 points. He went on to win the next 3 in a row to win 3rd place. His wife, Marisa Ramirez, moved up a weight class and still dominated her way to the top of the podium. She had 2 matches, and submitted both her opponents. Jason Rittgers also won a gold medal, including a unique choke from the back (not in video). Purple Belts, Evan Acker & Kabir Kamboj, came up just shy of the podium. Coach Evan had an awesome triangle, as seen in the video. Congrats to everybody who competed, and we hope the competition team continues to grow!

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